Friday, January 30, 2004

Angel - Damage 

This episode gave me a little lift this week just when I needed it.

Andrew as "top man" was excellent. He practically swooned over Spike. It was nice having a little storyline update on the Scooby Gang, although imagining Xander on his own on "The Dark Continent" gives me a headache. I can picture Buffy and Dawn settling in on Rome for a while, though.

The first shots of Dana in the hospital reminded me of a cross between Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and Samara in The Ring. The bonding between Spike and Angel at the end was interesting. They say that Dana has crossed over, and is "one of us" now. What does that portend? Do they feel she won't be able to recover? They're moving along fine. Faith seems to be on the way to redemption.

The scene of the army of slayers ("none of whom have dated" Angel) enveloping Dana and taking her into their circle was excellent. Much more of a healing and hopeful vibe than the old Watcher's Council approach of "drug her and chain her up, and if that doesn't work, shoot her" to rogue slayers. Ironic that when the old Watcher's Council was in charge and there was only one slayer at a time, the slayer was viewed as expendable. Kill one, we'll get another. Now that there are scores of Slayers, they are each valued and respected as "One of Us."

I found it odd that everyone kept referring to Giles as "Rupert Giles." I know that's his name and all, but what's with the sudden full name references? He's just "Giles."

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:57 PM