Thursday, January 15, 2004

Angel - Harm's Way 

Hee. I enjoy Harmony so much. It seems her reach always exceeds her grasp, and she knows it but just won't give up. Even back in Sunnydale, she so wanted to be the alpha of the in-crowd, but never had the long-range bitch vision and confidence that kept Cordy in the lead. The idea of her having minions after she was vamped simply made everyone laugh. When other characters were turned, the Scoobies always immediately approached them with the same caution and readiness to stake that they would accord a previously unknown vampire. But Harmony always provided good entertainment value more than any sort of dread and fight-readiness. When she was with Spike, she came across as a sympathetic character, because even though she was evil and so happy that she finally got the vampire equivalent of the star quarterback, she knew that he was treating her like shit. Part of her wanted something better, but part of her figured it was the price she had to pay and maybe it was what she deserved. I loved that she was part of the walking triangle of romantic sorrow at the end of "The Harsh Light of Day."

I think that inner turmoil of wanting something more and wanting to be liked for who she is, not what she can kill, is how she's been managing to stay off the human blood and playing relatively well with others for so long (8 months now, by her count). She wants a nice apartment and neighbors who chat with you on the way out to work, not a dingy lair with minions always expecting guidance and fresh kills. As she said last evening, she tried being evil, and "wasn't any good at it."

So she keeps trying to move that rubber tree plant of goodness, because even though she "doesn't have a soul, and has to work a lot harder at it," she's got high hopes, she's got hi-i-igh hopes...

High Points:
-Demonstration of Harm's vampire strength to find her shoe.
-Her jewel-encrusted thermos.
-Harmony makes Fred appear mature, wise and professional. The Guyfriend would add "and hot."
-"I totally owe you guys dinner."
-Harmony's fighting skills have improved since her Xander slap-fest.
-"Chanel. Is NOT. TACKY!"
-Threaten Harm's unicorns, and you're dust.
-The ritual splitting of the chopsticks.
-"That works for me." "I'm good."
-"She totally wanted me dead. I DO matter."

One thing that did bother me (and The Guyfriend agrees) is that Angel was being such an a-hole last night. It wasn't his usual dark broodiness, and it was beyond his usual dismissiveness of Harmony, and he's always at least been appreciative of her tasty spiced otter blend. I've decided to go with the notion that we were seeing the world through Harmony's eyes, and since Harmony felt she really didn't matter and that Angel hates her, that's what she sees. I'm wondering if we're going to see some changes in her now that she somehow managed to get a confidence boost from the fact that someone hated her enough to plot a grand scheme of destroying her.

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