Friday, January 23, 2004

Angel - Soul Purpose 

Thank you, thank you, thank you Spike. Thank you for being the cynical yet gullible, wary yet enthusiastic, dangerous yet reliably incompetent guy who always manages to accomplish the task at hand, sort of. You make me laugh and keep me watching.

It's about time someone scolded the maidens in distress who are walking through back alleys of downtown LA in business suits and heels in the middle of the night, alone, and are then surprised when something bad happens. I'm not for blaming the victim of violent crimes, but I'm with Spike here - take a little personal responsibility! And he didn't even back off when she indignantly replies - "Hey - I'm just trying to get home!" he asks if she's ever heard of a cab. I hope she didn't continue to protest, perhaps that cabs don't come to that part of town. We know they do, because Meredith managed to get one to take her to her DRUG DEAL!!! From her LAW OFFICE!!!

Now on to some questions. What is Lindsey up to with the Doyle impersonation, especially with Cordelia apparently popping back on in a couple of weeks? Why does Lindsey assume Spike won't be having any guests in his bed in the near future? It's not like he's so hung up on Buffy that he didn't grab Harmony and go off for a nooner within two minutes of his recorporealization. What does Angel's heart really look like? Granted, it did look pretty shriveled (although more like a prune than a walnut) before Gwen applied her tingly touch, but that interaction seemed to put a nice batch of zing into it. Would it have shriveled back up so fast? Why have they never come back to that? When will be get to see things burst into flame because Harmony attempted to read runes? I'd enjoy that...

I'm looking forward to seeing how this Spike-Lindsey-Eve-Good Guys-Bad Guys-Grey Area storyline plays out. Will Spike discover he's being used and turn it around for good (like with the Necromancer)? Will he realize too late that he let his ego lead him into being used for evil? Will they ever let Fred look as good in nondream sequences as she did in the field hallucination? Only time will tell. Unless this story is like Gwen's, and it just drops off into the abyss. Or comes back out of nowhere next season with no explanation, like Sandy and Kerry's baby storyline on ER. That would apply to Gwen's storyline as well, so I'm going with that. Maybe they could just put Fred and Gwen together, adding another lesbian couple to primetime TV. Gwen has a love for gadgets, so she and Fred would get along quite well. And they could compare notes on Gunn.

Next week: Slayer Activation Fallout! Andrew! Yay!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:18 AM