Saturday, January 10, 2004

Joan of Arcadia - Jump 

Still loving this show! Dialogue that on Tru Calling would be schmaltzy and productive of eye rolling, on Joan is touching and productive of eye welling if not all out tears. Did anyone not cry and laugh at the same time along with Joan and Rocky's mom at the funeral?

I love how they just develop the characters, not force them and their exposition down our throats. We can comprehend that Joan and Grace have been continuing their growth as friends by Grace's echoing the Chief's "koala bears?" comment later in the show. When her dad said it, Joan replied that she hadn't had that nightmare since she was five. When Grace said it, we the viewers can make the connection that at some point Joan has shared with Grace the memory of her childhood nightmare.

On Tru Calling, Grace's comment would have sparked a flashback to the Chief's comment and Joan's response, followed by Joan also reminding Grace that she hasn't had that dream since she was five, but that it's great Grace remembered Joan telling her about it, and that Joan is "sogladthatthey'vebecomethebestoffriends!" probably followed by a quick hug. And can you imagine the amount of flashbacks we would have been saddled with during the scene where we learn that Roebuck has accepted the Under Sheriff's job? And the basketball scene? Oof.

But back to Joan, where they stick with a simple exchange, silent acknowledgment, and move on with the story. This is just such a freaking good show.

High Points:
-"Koala bears?"
-Luke leaving a message with Grace's rabbi father about them spending the night together to build a gun.
-Joan's funeral monologue.
-"I need a beverage."
-Hospital Staff God's scene
-The good ripple letter.
-Ms. Lischak's daring rescue of Glynis.
-Ms. Lischak and Glynis covered in goo after the daring rescue.
-Joan and Adam kiss.

I had to replay Ms. Lischak and Glynis popping back into the picture several times while I laughed hysterically. The Girl thought I had gone over the edge. Maybe it's just me, but that was one of the funniest things I've seen. The look on Glynis' face was amazing! Shock at her near death experience, gratitude that Ms. Lischak put herself in danger to save her, incredible disappointment that her science fair project is destroyed, and astonishment that the rail gun actually worked.

I'm still processing the closing montage. Part of me was saying "Awwwww, nice" when Adam and Joan kissed, part of me was thrown by the surprise of it (I totally didn't see it coming), and part of me was wallowing in my disappointment that they've now had Grace kiss Luke and Joan kiss Adam when what I really wanted was for Grace to kiss Joan! Oh well, I can still hope for there to be lingering sexual tension among the various characters.

The only subplot I think they're forcing a bit is the Kevin-Rebecca storyline. It's usually accompanied by some predictable dialogue and a little too much exposition. But it's still well done, and it's always good to have a slight mar in the perfection so as not to offend the gods.

Next week: Party at Joan's!!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:38 AM