Sunday, January 25, 2004

The Ring 

Wow, The Ring is one well-done, scary-ass movie. The premise, which is revealed in the trailers and in the opening minutes of the film, is that watching a particular VCR tape condemns the viewer to death exactly 7 days later. This is one of those thrillers that could have been just another run of the mill cheese-fests, but it absolutely was not. It's also one that could have become very bizarre in the hands of David Lynch, but instead was simply breathtaking.

The brief intercuts, both in the video of death and in the movie itself, are subtle and intriguing. The overall texture is rather grainy and washed out, which makes the occasional use of bright colors and sharp images stand out. The various symbols and themes which present themselves early on aren't hammered on or explained in a lengthy monologue. A statement here or there, or even just a changed facial expression, in a moment of understanding, and the story moves on.

The Girl and I knew that Amber Tamblyn was in this, but neither of us knew that a larger role was played by David Dorfman, who played Rocky on the recent heartbreaking episode of Joan of Arcadia. Their character dynamics in The Ring are similar, yet rather reversed.

Naomi Watts was, as always, outstanding.

Reality Check: While The Girl generally doesn't go for artsy stuff, which is aplenty in The Ring, she loved it, and feels that it's one of the scariest movies she's ever seen. She keeps repeating, "She never sleeps..." around the house.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:07 AM