Friday, January 30, 2004

Sad Note- Foofur 8/1/89 - 1/28/04 

I've been incognito for the last couple of days. On Wednesday I had to have my dear canine companion of nearly 15 years put to sleep. She had experienced some seizures and all indications pointed to a brain tumor, which left her blind and pretty much immobile. The Girl and I were with her to the end, and she passed away with her chin resting in my hands.

She was named Foofur after a cartoon dog whose theme song tag line was "the coolest dog I ever knew." Her middle name was Whoopi, after Whoopi Goldberg. She was indeed a very cool, fun-loving dog with the most gentle disposition around, a border collie - black lab mix. She was born in Colorado, where I adopted her from the Colorado Springs Humane Society. The vet who first examined her for me said she was no more than 4 weeks old at the time. From there she traveled across the country with me many times, living in LA, Minneapolis, Oklahoma, and here in New England. She loved running on the beach and in the woods, digging in the sand and dragging around "sticks" the size of small trees. Although she could bark when she felt like it, more often she preferred to make a more cow-like "moo"-ing sound.

While she had slowed down significantly in these recent years, I like to think that she's now free to run and dig on the perfect beach, bordered by a forest full of leaf piles to explore and branches to drag around and chew on.

Go Foofur, Go!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:37 AM