Friday, January 09, 2004

Tru Calling - Closure 

Since last evening's episode of Tru Calling was more of a personal growth episode than a whodunnit, Schmaltzy Speechifying filled in for the usually featured Obvious Misdirection. But fear not - Gratuitous Skimpy Outfit still made an appearance. Not that I really minded that.

I had high(er) hopes for this episode at the start. Tru's expositional dialogue with Davis was quippy, her mood was lighter, and Tru seemed to have accepted her Slayer calling... I mean her Gift of helping dead people. I guess Not Death is her Gift . They even seemed to be going in a new direction in sibling dynamics for a while, since Tru was the one avoiding issues while Harrison and Meredith took some (half-assed) steps to deal with things. But by the final phone message to Dad, Tru was back to her usual broody, overly-emoting, most-insightful-of-all, burdened-and-troubled but grateful-nonetheless self.

Inevitable Questions: Since Tru took such care in analyzing the news clipping from Dead Jake's pocket JUST BEFORE she flashed back, why did she forget about it until it conveniently popped back into her head? She said in the Romy and Juliet episode that she makes a point of memorizing all the details in case she needs to recall them after warping back, which she demonstrated by rattling off the license plate number. Yet she temporarily forgets one of the two items lifted from Dead Jake?

When the doctor (after inexplicably revealing confidential medical information to a total stranger - although she was in a very tight, very short nurse's uniform at the time) mentions that Jake has no relatives, did anyone out there not anticipate the immediate flashback to her reading the clipping? When Bridget lamented not having heard from Jake since he shipped out, did anyone doubt that Mean Dad sent the telegram? Why would Tru be so eager to help Davis get in good with the drug abusing Meredith? But since she was giving him date tips in spite of this, perhaps she should have made sure he knew that he was meant to use this information to spur conversation, not to impersonate his date?

How is Tru always able to get campus Registrars to give her the exact location for students? Do the students all have GPS transmitters embedded in their hands? Why would a professor know off the top of his head Bridget's schedule for picking up Phillip from daycare? Why does she feel that she can "almost" refer to Luc as her boyfriend? They seem clearly to have moved into the boyfriend phase of the relationship.

And, as always, why do they feel the need to recap the first half hour of the show immediately after we've watched it? Will the writers ever step up to make this the great show it could be?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:48 AM