Friday, January 16, 2004

Tru Calling - Murder in the Morgue 

High points:
-Opening with her in mid-do-over.
-The woman she saved from being run over threatening to call her attorney about Tru stalking her.
-Meredith's car.
-Davis revealing why he works in the morgue.
-"They freak me out."
-Meredith's car.
-A few non-telegraphed plot points.
-Meredith breaks into tears and asks for help.
-Did I mention Meredith's car?

Low points:
-"I know what you're going through."
-Meredith arranges a back alley drug deal that far in advance?
-Meredith takes a taxi directly from her law office to a back alley drug deal?
-Repeatedly showing Tru activating the alarm on Meredith's car.
-Harrison not believing despite all the times she's proven it to him.
-Harrison believing (again) and turning it into all about Harrison (again).
-Meredith calls from a pay phone. Tru: I'lll be right there." Tru hangs up before finding out where is there.

Prediction which I fear will come to pass:
-Tru's mother is the person who previously saved Davis' life.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:54 AM