Thursday, February 05, 2004

Angel - You're Welcome 

One hundred episodes of Angel. I didn't realize how much I missed Cordelia. Not the one from last season - she was a drag. I missed the Cordy who came back for her final farewell last evening. The one who said exactly what she thought, who didn't get pushed around, who had great one-liners and made hilarious faces, and who lit up at the thought of shopping. Although I must say, I don't recall her ever having worn her shirts unbuttoned quite so low. That was without doubt an impressive use of cleavage.

While I'm on the subject of aesthetically pleasing displays of flesh, may I just add that I want Christian Kane's abs. To replace my own, not in addition to them. Wow. It seems he was able to retain some of his sword-fighting skills seen most recently in Second Hand Lions. The Guyfriend and I agree that his backward flipping through the air, landing on the pedastal in a crouch with the sword blade behind his shoulder was the coolest move of the episode. I have to say, Lindsey was quite the sexy bad boy last evening. And I'm usually more the Angelina Jolie type. I imagine Christian Kane wows the crowds during his gigs.

I loved that Harmony threw herself in and was willing to torture one for the team. I'm glad they're keeping up with the secondary (tertiary?) storyline of her struggling not to "be evil" in order to fit in with the crowd. She was so bummed out that Eve caved so quickly, and later on so disappointed that Eve wouldn't attempt an escape despite Harmony's urging. She was really hoping for a little Eve-snack.

Was it just me or was Fred making swooney eyes toward Wesley during the detatooing ritual? It would be understandable, as Wesley was managing to be much more Giles-like in his authoratative delivery in that scene. It was nice that he and Cordelia were able to have that conversation acknowledging Wesley's loss of Leila. Even better was Cordy shortly thereafter addressing Eve as Leila Jr.

Whew - this is getting a little too enthusiastically fanlike for me. So let me add that I was underwhelmed by the scene where Angel comes back from apparent defeat and strikes a victory blow for the good guys. It seemed too forced and a bit cheesy. They did it much better over on Buffy, in Chosen. Buffy really seemed on the edge of failing miserably, and of dying in the battle. Did the writers think we failed to realize that a sword through Angel's heart wouldn't kill him? On the flip side, they apparently also think we would forget prior incidents of impalement which actually had a deleterious, though not fatal, effect on his mobility and fighting skills. When Buffy dragged herself up, she gave the impression that it was a struggle, but she would prevail nonetheless. Angel just quips that Lindsey's a dumb-ass, yanks out the sword and knocks him into next week. Or the next portal, as it were.

"I'm Angel. I get the bad guys." Symphonic chords in the background. It was all a little too "My name is Inigo Montoya and you killed my father. Prepare to die." for me. But Mandy Patinkin did it much more memorably.

And it was a bit out of character to have Spike beat up his tv over a video game. Oh well.

Back on the fanwagon, the closing scene was nicely done. I did figure out where they were going, but I admit that my enlightenment only arrived when Cordy said he needed to answer that call. I actually had a Tru Calling moment, where bits of the previous scenes went flashing through my head as I pieced it together in that split-second. Hmm. Maybe I'll have to back off on my criticism of that show as well. Nah.

Anyway, it was well-done and I had tears welling. A fond farewell to Cordelia and Charisma.

Next week: The trailer has me frightened. I hope they can pull off the WWII submarine storyline, but it will be a surprise if they do. At least it's a chance for them to show all-out evil Spike.

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