Saturday, February 07, 2004

Attention Buffy Fans 

I just found (via Ms. Magazine Online) what I'm sure is bound to be my next time-sucking vortex of distraction: Willow Rosenberg's Journal.

This is an ongoing journal that someone has assembled and is maintaining under the guise of Willow. There are also links to similar sites for all the other characters in our favorite fictional world. Whoever is doing this is managing to keep it in synch with Angel, including a bit of tweaking to align the "official" storyline with what's been created in these journals. For example, the author had no way of knowing that Andrew would tell Angel that Willow and Kennedy were in Brazil, but Willow has an entry explaining this discrepency from all the postings indicating that they are actually in Cleveland.

Here are some of the related links: Kennedy, Xander, Buffy, Angel, Andrew, Giles.

My hat is off to whoever has undertaken this project. Keep up the entertaining work!!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 4:34 PM