Monday, February 23, 2004

Charmed - I Dream of Phoebe 

I was a little bugged that they were recycling the genie story. At least they referenced the earlier one, and gave passing lip service to the lesson they had learned before about being tricked by genie wishes. I did enjoy the warning label on the bottle. Even though it was written in Arabic, I think it still would have been sufficient from a products liability standpoint, given that the bottle was taken directly from an Arabic-speaking region by the end user, and the manufacturer took no steps to place the bottle into the American stream of commerce and could not likely have foreseen its being transported into the English-speaking market.

If Genie-Phoebe could get out of the bottle by simply tipping it over, why didn't Genie-Jinny get out when the bottle was knocked onto the sand in the early battle with the carpet-riding demon?

Richard should go to some meetings with Willow.

Thank you, Richard and Paige, for finally realizing that if Richard has a problem with magic, a witch who is seeking to make magic a more central part of her life is probably not the best prospect for a relationship.

So now in addition to Chris and Phoebe, Paige also knows about the Chris genetic get-together problem. Does this mean that next week, rather than the Lucy and Ethel of Matchmaking hijinxs, we'll get the Three Stooges of Romantic Repair?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:05 AM