Saturday, February 07, 2004

Gadgets Galore 

The touch pad on my Inspiron 5100 has been a wee bit temperamental of late. The scroll function goes in and out, sometimes the cursor won't move as directed, and then I get frustrated and thump it a few times, which usually works but irritates my fellow students in the law library. Not as badly as that time I was road-testing my newly downloaded Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life screensaver, which activated the sound (I had muted, being in the library and all), and began blaring Korn's "Did My Time."

So yesterday at lunch The Guyfriend and I went out on a shopping trip. He wanted to check out the 2004 road bikes from Trek and Cannondale, and I needed an ultra mini mouse. So first to the bike shop, which indeed had the new models on hand. Much talk of machined out gearrings, weighing of various bikes on the really cool digital bike scale, debate over which was the sexiest (I voted for the Madone 5.9), and mopping up of spilled drool, we headed over to Best Buy.

I was after the Targus Ultra Mini Optical Mouse, but then I discovered that Belkin now has a Mini-Wireless Optical Mouse. I had to make it mine.

Now I can sit comfortably back in my chair, with the mouse at the front edge of the desk, and blissfully navigate without having to go near the touchy Touch Pad, or even in contact with the notebook. I sip my latte and scroll. Life is good.

On a more subconscious note, I've been having many gadget-related dreams lately. Wednesday night there was some sort of international intrigue storyline that I don't remember clearly, but a really cool PDA and high tech sport snowshoes were involved. Last night it was a motorized scooter on which I was travelling to Montreal with The Girl and two friends. But I wake up and know at least that I have my wireless mouse to look forward to.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:45 AM