Thursday, February 05, 2004

Geekier and Geekier 

I went out to lunch with my friend Not A Freak yesterday. After a fabulous meal at a new Chinese restaurant in town, we strolled on over to Starbuck's for some hot foamy beverages. Only I decided for an iced chai, but whatever.

This particular Starbuck's is quite cool, as they've taken over a historic railway station on the Green Line. You can sit and imbibe and people watch while you observe the trolleys roll in and out on the tracks outside the windows. When a train heading to Boston is en route, a big green sign lights up: "Train To Boston Arriving."

Anyway, we're sitting in the comfy chairs which are small-sized, so my feet, which are attached to very short legs, actually sit flat on the floor. Tall people don't get this. I'm explaining my latest addition to my Tungsten C: an alphabetical listing of every movie nominated for an Academy Award since 1960, with the particular category listings for each film, and winning categories marked with an asterisk. To demonstrate the total coolness of this, I had her name a movie she thinks may have been nominated for something. "Goodbye Girl." The search begins. I start by searching for "good," since I can't remember if it's "goodbye" or "good-bye." Unfortunately, there are lots of nominees with "good" in the title.

I switch to plan B: just scroll through. Another disappointment when I get to "Good Will Hunting" without having passed "Goodbye Girl." Then I realize that because "Good Will" consists of two words, it is listed before anything starting with "goodbye." Finally I find it. I gleefully inform her that "Goodbye Girl" received 5 nominations at the 50th Academy Awards, in 1977, with a win in the Actor in a Leading Role category (Richard Dreyfuss). The other noms were for leading actress (Marsha Mason), supporting actress (Quinn Cummings), Best Picture and Original Screenplay. I grin triumphantly.

She then calmly informs me, "You're getting geekier every day." I joke, "Gee, I didn't think it was possible. Ha ha." She replies, "And yet, it's true. Do you know what I have stored in my PDA? A list of people who think you're a geek. That's how much of a geek you truly are."

I accept my fate. Gadgets are good. Factoids are fabulous.

For anyone who is wondering where on earth I acquired this all-encompassing Oscars list, go to the Academy Awards Database. You can search on any category, year, by entering a name, song title, or just everything for a particular set of years. It's freaking amazing!!!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:48 PM