Monday, February 09, 2004

Good Health and Law School 

Has anyone been able to maintain good health and good grades simultaneously? Before the first semester started, I joined a gym that's totally convenient. It's on my route both from home to work, and from work to school. I've been there once since August. I look up at the windows on my way by twice a day, and think, "Gee, I really should go. I'm paying for it and all." And yet I don't.

Alternate exercise: Walk the 1/2 mile from the bus every day. At least it's something. Now to my momentary delight, they've added a bus stop directly in front of the school. Great! Now I can get into the library 10 minutes earlier and set my ever increasing butt down in a chair that much sooner...

My caffeine intake has increased exponentially. I used to drink decaf. No more - high test for me. Now I have a 16 oz. travel mug full on my way to work, then a latte either at midday or right before class, plus a Red Bull for a midafternoon pick me up. And then, gee, I wonder why I'm so tired by the time Friday comes, or why I have such a headache Saturday morning. Or why my heart is racing so.

At least The Girl has been good about reminding me to pack something to eat before class, so this has cut out the nightly run to the Student Lounge to hit the candy machine between classes.

But I have hope that I'll make it to the gym soon. I actually packed a gym bag last night, but then this morning decided to use the time to drop off my car at the garage and take the bus to the train. My inspection sticker ran out several months ago, and I needed the headlight fixed before I could pass inspection. So of course I've been putting it off and putting it off. Maybe I'll get to the gym tomorrow...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:41 PM