Monday, February 23, 2004

The L Word - Losing It 

Let's just call it "The Drugs and Boundaries Episode." Plethora of one, paucity of the other.

I'm still trying to make sense of Jenny's having showered and then redonned the stockings of shame, but now she's hitchhiking in the same outfit? And all those cars are passing her by?

I'm also still trying to accept that Shane used to trick as a boy (what is this - Tipping The Velvet?), and now she's doing drugs as well? Oh - so she thought it was cocaine and didn't realize it was OxyContin. Is that supposed to be okay?

Other drug storyline - Jenny, honey, perhaps a single mushroom might have been sufficient. You didn't have to snarf a whole handful like it was movie popcorn. And then you decided to take a turn driving?

On to boundaries. Malcolm, stop staring. Malcolm, shouldn't you have asked before clambering on over into the backseat? Malcolm, get off of Jenny's shoulder. It's a little tired from the burden of all the lies and bitchiness she's been hauling around. And that letter is rather morbid, self-serving and pathetic.

Dana and Lara - find some personal space of your own. You could at least sneak out to the pool. Shane finds the environment conducive out there, apparently. But don't stop being so cute! The same personal space message goes to the fast food teenagers from the opening. Although Bette and Tina's pool probably wasn't an option, perhaps you could have checked out the walk-in refrigerator?

Dana's manager - find the boundary between managing her personal and professional life. Jump into the current decade. You need to keep your players happy, not tormented.

Lei Leng - You are so far beyond any boundary ever set. Even Marcus says you're "getting ahead of yourself." Marcus - maybe you could have done a bit more than wait calmly in the car while Lei Ling threatened Tina and physically blocked her from the car?

Tim - I understand you're very upset, but what's up with the wrist binding and breathy glowering? Besides, Marina could kick your ass any day. And she wins, because she kept her cool. It reminded me of the episode of Chicago Hope when Mandy Patinkin and Ron Silver had a verbal abuse competition, of which Mandy Patinkin declared himself the winner when Ron Silver resorted to physically shoving him.

Shane - I'm not sure if you sleep over at your girl-of-the-moment's houses out of respect for the boundaries of your roommates, or because they appear to have no respect for anyone's boundaries, but good for you. Now get off the drugs and stay away from your drug-using twink friend.

Beyond drugs and boundaries:

-Tina and/or any of your friends: Tell Bette more detail about psycho-stalker girl! It sounds like Tina was irrationally overreacting, when she had every right to be freaked out!

-Jenny: Where are you now? What is this diner? Is it the diner from the opening? You've apologized and crawled for Tim - are you ever going to apologize to Marina? She's no angel, but you treated her like shit at her place of business in front of her employees, friends and customers. Maybe this could go under the Boundaries category after all.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:46 PM