Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Mass. SJC Rules For Gay Marriage - Again 

AP (via Yahoo! News) just released "Mass. Court Rules For Gay Marriage", announcing that the Mass. SJC has delivered to the state senate their advisory opinion regarding the proposed civil union alternative to allowing gay men and lesbians access to civil marriage. I've not yet been able to locate the text of the opinion, but here are a couple of quotes from the AP article:

"The history of our nation has demonstrated that separate is seldom, if ever, equal," the four justices who ruled in favor of gay marriage wrote in the advisory opinion requested by the state Senate.

The Massachusetts court said any civil unions bill that falls short of marriage would establish an "unconstitutional, inferior, and discriminatory status for same-sex couples."

Gov. Mitt Romney still appears to be pushing for an amendment that would make such discrimination constitutional. But at this point it appears that gay marriage will begin to be a reality in Massachusetts this coming May. My hope is that over time the people who oppose our entrance into the sphere of matrimony will see that the dire consequences they've been told will befall society at large have not come to pass.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:25 PM