Friday, February 20, 2004

Random Thoughts From Vacation 

Okay, so the last week has consisted of several days in a lovely house in the woods of Maine overlooking the Penobscot Bay, the road trip to and from the house, many DVDs, oil burner hijinx, firewood hijinx, much food, several days with no internet and no NPR, Tivo catchup overload upon return, and even some historical fiction.

Here are some of my random thoughts from the week:

GAH!!!!! Angel won't be on after this season!!!!!! A plague on your house, The WB!!!

Gee, the house is rather cold. Oh, the oil burner seems to have shut down. Let's restart it. Smoke, smoke, shut it down, shut it down!!!!!

Was Tiny Dancer always a great road trip song, or just since we have the additional attached memory of it being used as a great road trip song in Almost Famous?

This new Melissa Etheridge CD rocks!!!

In the summertime you can't drive 50 feet on or around Mt. Desert Island without seeing a roadside firewood stand. Now that it's 5 degrees Fahrenheit, not one is to be found.

On departure: Wow - 665 couples have been married in San Francisco. On return: WOW!!! 2700 couples and still counting!!!

Furnace repair guy removes front panel from oil burner. Wow - that's disgusting. Nope - no idea when the filter was last cleaned. You cleaned it on a service call four years ago? That was prior to my sister buying the place, but yep, that was probably the last time.

Furnace guy removes external stovepipe to burn out the oil sludge which has accumulated. Massive flames shooting out of three separate openings. Wow - that's really cool.

Kind of hard to cross-country ski when there's no snow. Oh well - pop in another DVD!!!

An eagle! A bunch of deer! A huge pile of firewood bundles for sale!!!!!!

"You're a wee little puppet man!"

Are Jolene Blalock and Hilary Swank related? I kept thinking - look - T'Pol was a suffragist during an earlier mission!

Melted Dagoba Chai chocolate with a little heavy cream is delicious for dipping strawberries.

Iron-Jawed Angels is most excellent. Just see it.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:16 AM