Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Re-Charmed - The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell 

Okay - they're winning me back. I didn't even watch the last episode, "Used Karma." But I gave them another shot, and I enjoyed it. The story was fresh (I know, I know - it was a Harry Potter rip-off, but it was fresh for Charmed), explored new territory in the magical world, and revolved around characters more than cutesy antics.

I wish they had been more clear on the headmaster's motivations. Maybe they played it the way they did in order to cast suspicion that he was behind the whole decapitation thing, but I found it rather unsatisfying.

Why is Piper so fixated on Wyatt having a "normal" life, meaning without magic? Weren't the sisters a little annoyed that they had their powers bound and had grown up without magic before it was surprisingly thrust back upon them? He's a witch-whitelighter. I would think that for him, "normal" would include magic, and that going to a school where he could learn to control his powers and use them for good would be just the ticket.

I really wanted Chris to echo Troubled-But-Not-Evil Telepath Boy's comments to Phoebe about finally figuring things out. Oh well, at least his secret's out and his story can finally move along. I do fear ensuing Chris-Phoebe as Lucy-Ethel hijinks, but we'll see next week.

This may have seemed rather critical for my having expressed that they're winning me back. The important thing is that they made me care enough to question.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:27 AM