Monday, February 23, 2004

Star Trek: Enterprise - Doctor's Orders 

Please, keep the Austin Powers gimmicks out of the Star Trek universe. It's this approach to entertainment that, in my opinion, that has kept this series from reaching the quality levels we came to expect from the rest of the Star Trek projects. Thank you.

The shot of Enterprise in the opening of this episode reminded me of an Andorian head.

Other than the fun with clipboard and watering can, I enjoyed this episode. I pegged T'Pol as being a hallucination right away, but then my conviction wavered, and back and forth. Why would he be walking around naked if she was awake? But they did make it clear that she was spending most of her time meditating, and maybe it was just a quick trip into the lab. But why would they have been training the doctor on running the ship if T'Pol was also conscious? She's the first officer! But maybe it was in case something happened to her during the trip. This was good - it kept me thinking and guessing. The Guyfriend likened it to the "Is Giles really The First" guessing game we all went through during part of Season 7 Buffy. Oh - and the episode that finally concluded that game also included the excellent "assface" line. Riley got better lines when they were relayed by other characters.

"Are you saying you want me to read the MANUAL?"

I loved T'Pol's expressions of increasing confusion and anxiety as the warp drive was getting ready to explode. It was during this scene that I was finally convinced that she really was imaginary. Everytime there was an opportunity for her to provide some real assistance, or information that Phlox didn't already have, her freak-out increased.

By the time the doctor was walking T'Pol back to her quarters, everyone knew that yes, she would be asleep when they got there. But it was a nice way to bring himself down from his delusion. And to keep her from being left comatose until she failed to show up for her next duty shift.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:54 PM