Monday, February 23, 2004

Star Trek: Enterprise - Stratagem 

A good episode. I figured the whole thing was a ruse, but at first I thought they were actually out on a real ship. So yeah, they got me there. I did think that Archer wasn't doing a very good job of hiding his distress upon the revelation that Degra was the chief designer of the weapon.

Wouldn't they have done an in-depth analysis of what happened during the problems with the faux-vessel, and discovered the brief unrequested warp view of the stars? They always manage to come up records with every other 5 millisecond anomaly in great detail.

The secondary deception was much better. I think it was because Archer could just let loose and be himself at that point, with no need to disguise his unfettered hatred of the guy. When Degra blew it at the end, it was truly a "Yes!" moment (picture Data clutching the air in his clenched fist while celebrating the explosion of the Duras sisters' ship).

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:57 AM