Friday, February 20, 2004

Things To Do 

A list of things to do when you'd rather be doing something other than what you should be doing:


Watch Badger Badger.

Read other blogs.

Play Penguin Smash.

Modify your Avantgo settings for your PDA.

Catch up on all your favorite shows on Television Without Pity.

Customize your law-related headlines on The Daily Whirl.

Lavish attention on your cats. You may not have a choice in this.

Check out the insane number of law-related blogs at BLAWG.

Adjust your blog template. It's amazing how much time this can consume. Just remember to save a copy of your original CSS first.

Thoroughly investigate the ESO's Paranal Observatory website. Be sure to check out the Astronomical Images.

Find your place in the Geek Hierarchy.

Check out the wildlife in the Live Video. This is only interesting when it's daytime in Bavaria.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:07 PM