Monday, February 23, 2004

Tru Calling - Valentine 

I watched this episode last week during my catch up on Tivo marathon, so it's a bit of a blur now, but here are my thoughts on what stood out for me:

-Hey, it's Lisa, the lesbian-identified man!

-How convenient that Tru's cell phone notifies her when the signal is re-established. I had no idea that would come in handy later on...

-How is it that Kevin managed to arrive at the motel at the exact same time as Tru, even though he had to deal with the police and the viewing of the security tape?

-Of course, Tru and Luc once again missed out on quality alone time. I'm shocked, shocked!

-Tru - Why did you feel the need to interject the idea of getting chips and going to the motel, when you knew that Luc was going to come up with the idea himself momentarily? It would have aroused a bit less suspicion from him if you let him suggest it himself.

-Kevin's sister - Did you really think your clearly disturbed brother could just stop his bizarre attempts to spread the wealth of grief? Particularly on this trip which was undertaken specifically to spend Valentine's Day with his dead girlfriend?

-Harrison - Why would you think it was a good idea to taste the ashes? Even though you hadn't figured out they were human remains, they were clearly ashes of some sort!!! Do you lick your grill clean after the coals have gone out? Of course, that would explain a lot.

-Lindsey - Why oh why do you keep thinking Harrison is good relationship material?

-Producers - Give a call to Mutant Enemy. They've got some writers who are looking for a new gig. Eliza Dushku's familiar with them.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:31 AM