Thursday, February 12, 2004

Valentine's Inspiration (or Escape) 

If you're seeking some Valentine's Day inspiration, Charles "Social" Grace has excellent suggestions in his latest column on The lesson he imparts is that when people lament the absence of "romance," sometimes they are looking for the etiquette that often accompanies the best behavior exhibited at the beginning of a relationship. He provides ideas that depart from the usual but won't break the bank. He also includes a helpful guide to the traditional meanings behind the various colors of roses.

Alternatively, if you're seeking refuge from Hallmark and googly eyes, check out BitterSweets, "Valentine's candy for the rest of us." The description states that they are designed for "When cruelty and holidays collide." The BitterSweets are similar to the candy hearts with cute little sayings, but these sport such phrases as "U+ME=GRIEF," "PRENUP OKAY?" and "SETTLE 4LESS."

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:28 AM