Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Blowing Up the Ball 

From Boston.com is the latest summary of where marriage stands in Massachusetts. At the very end the author, Jennifer Peter, mentions that some legislators are still attempting to find ways to circumvent the SJC's decision that denying civil marriage to same sex couples is unconsititutional in Massachusetts. She singles out Holliston State Representative Paul Loscocco:

"Rep. Paul Loscocco, R-Holliston, said Tuesday that he was preparing a bill that would abolish the state's civil marriage law, replacing it with civil unions for both gay and straight couples. Under his bill, which could potentially take effect before May 17, marriage would become solely a religious institution."

So after accusing same sex marriage activists of seeking to destroy the institution of civil marriage, this state lawmaker has determined that he would rather destroy it himself than allow gay couples in. Talk about taking your ball and going home. Plus, if "marriage" would then become a religious institution, would that mean that Massachusetts would recognize as marriage whatever was recognized as marriage by any Massachusetts religious organization? That would mean same sex marriage, as many religious groups in Massachusetts have been active in the effort to include gay couples in recognized marriage. Or would Massachusetts no longer recognize marriage at all for purposes of benefits, obligations and protections? Would the federal government provide recognition to opposite sex couples in civil unions? What is he thinking?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:36 PM