Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Celebrities and Lawyers 

I would imagine that being an attorney to the stars has certain rewards. They can pay your fees, you get free publicity, and despite claims to the contrary they do seem to get some level of preferential treatment. But then there are the drawbacks.

Diana Ross is currently having a dispute with the judge in her DUI case. She was supposed to spend 48 hours in jail, with at least 24 of those hours consecutive. They allowed her to serve in her hometown of Greenwich, CT, rather than in Tucson where she was charged. The Greenwich prison records show that she only served 47 hours, and only 22 of those were consecutive. Ah, but she has provided her attorney with proof that she served as ordered: "I think we actually have proof from her. She documented it in her diary," said Ross' lawyer Jim Nesci.

I'm not certain an attorney for anyone but a superstar would have the nerve to enter their client's diary as proof that the official prison records are incorrect. In any case, the judge didn't buy it, and Ms. Ross has been ordered to serve 48 consecutive hours in the Pima County Jail in Tucson.

Courtney Love's attorney, Michael Rosenstein, obtained a delay for his client's preliminary hearing. He achieved this only after his client showed up to court two hours late, made several spontaneous outbursts regarding her prescriptions and pill bottles, and fired him. After Judge Eldon Fox pointed out, "Miss Love, you're not doing yourself any favors," she rehired her attorney. The preliminary hearing will be on April 15. Let's hope Mr. Rosenstein can keep his sanity until then.

On the other hand, being the one behind the prosecution of the stars apparently has its perks as well. reports that former Los Angeles district attorney Gil Garcetti is listed as a consulting producer in the new ABC Friday night series "The D.A." I'll have to check out the premiere this Friday. At least it's not opposite Joan of Arcadia or Wonderfalls.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:42 AM