Monday, March 01, 2004

Host Keeps the Trophy 

It was a well-fought battle for the trophy in our Pick the Winners contest last night. I surged ahead early, with 11 correct picks to my nearest competition, who had 8 and 9. Unfortunately, those who had hitched their stars to Lord of the Rings (thus spake The Hammer) fared best, and it came down to a tie between The Girl and our friend The Hammer (so named because in spite of her slight appearance and occupation of librarian, she is a killer at arm-wrestling), who had 19 correct picks each. We needed to determine who would hold the trophy for the coming year, but in deference to the late hour (or perhaps the simple addition of several birthdays since the last arm wrestling match), it was settled with a thumb-wrestling match. The Girl prevailed, and the Oscar-like trophy will be on our entertainment center at least until next year.

In bonus entertainment, Showtime had repeated airings of The L Word, so we were all able to view the latest episode as soon as they announced Best Picture. We didn't bother watching the acceptance speech, since they'd been up there thanking everyone so many times already. Excellent episode, by the way, but more about that later...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:43 PM