Thursday, March 04, 2004

It's All Connected 

Tom DeLay's speech in which he vaguely linked gay marriage and international terrorism apparently had some impact. reports that on March 2 WorldNetDaily columnist Dennis Prager titled his column "San Francisco and the Islamists: Fighting the Same Enemy." Prager manages to present an article laden with xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Islamic, anti-pretty-much-everything-and-everyone-not-in-agreement-with-him arguments and has the audacity to wrap them in a package of American democratic ideals:

"This is a major reason why the Left so opposes anti-Islamism (just as it opposed anti-communism). In theory, the Left should be at least as opposed to the Islamists as is the Right. But the Left is preoccupied first with destroying America's distinctive values – a Judeo-Christian society (as opposed to a secular one), capitalism (as opposed to socialism), liberty (as opposed to equality) and exceptionalism (as opposed to universalism, multiculturalism and multilateralism). So, if the Islamists are fellow anti-Americans, the Left figures it can worry about them later.

All this explains why the passions are so intense regarding same-sex marriage

Among other consequences, Prager predicts that same-sex marriage will:

"lead to a drastic diminution in women placing children for adoption, since most of these women will prefer something that will then be illegal – that agencies place her child with a man and woman, not with two men or two women."

He continues with this astounding leap (among others):

"With same-sex marriage, any media – films, advertisements, greeting cards – that only depict married couples as a woman and a man will be considered discriminatory and probably be sued."

So Islamic extremists (but not the Christian fundamentalist extremists who appear to be the target audience for WorldNetDaily) are in league with evil "Leftists" and gay couples to undermine marriage, capitalism, liberty, adoption, the film industry, and greeting cards. Yikes! Truth, justice, and the Hallmark Way!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:02 AM