Wednesday, March 03, 2004

The L Word - L'Ennui 

Yay! Lolita Davidovich! A name I enjoy only slightly less than Leelee Sobieski. We missed the whole opening segment on Sunday night due to the Best Picture announcement not arriving until 12:05, but I think catching the opening later, after having seen the rest of the show, allowed me to get more out of it.

If I had seen the opening first, I probably would have been thinking, "Why is Lolita Davidovich making a tiny little cameo appearance as a sleazy designer?" Usually the folks from the opening don't come back. But having seen the end, I knew that she was the infamous Francesca. Wow - she and Marina make quite a pair. It will be interesting to see how they interact next week.

I enjoyed that they didn't hit us over the head explaining the Gift of the Magi in its entirety, but did still carry the references over throughout the episode. Yes, Tru Calling, I'm talking to you! The segue to Marina putting the combs in her hair, the chain for Tim's grandfather's stopwatch, the sacrifices for love. Although really, I didn't see much sacrificing for love here.

I thought Jenny had run that outfit into the ground, but now she says she hiked up a mountain in it as well? Yikes!!! No wonder Marina let her use the bathtub. If Jenny had stayed in the cafe, someone would have reported the stench to the Department of Health. Once she was all cleaned up and they headed to the yacht party, why did they dress like twins? Marina looked great, though.

As I mentioned, a group of us watched the episode right after the Academy Awards, and there was a debate (bordering on heated argument) over Dana's agent. My thoughts were that he's a total a-hole, who behaves completely inappropriately towards his client, and who is failing in his duty to assist his client and instead is demeaning and patronizing towards her in an effort to force her to remain true to his outdated concept of what sells. He should have worked the changing publicity and media environment, he should have assisted her in interpreting and navigating the waters, he should have been studying where Subaru was going in their campaign (I made the Martina reference before Dana did), and he certainly shouldn't have been making crude sexual advances toward Dana and/or Lara. "Just kidding," my ass. Fire him and come out. The opposing viewpoint was that it's sad but true that he had valid points about advertising, and he's only looking out for her best interests.

As you might imagine, I felt thoroughly vindicated when the Subaru rep unveiled the "Get Out and Stay Out" promotion layout, Dana accepted and fired Butthead! Now Dana needs to go apologize and thoroughly suck up to Lara. Hopefuly Lara will be willing to listen, as she definitely understood the dynamic, and Dana was clearly going through some serious torment when she broke up with Lara in the restaurant. But Lara? You do need to be a little more considerate of Dana's feelings when it comes to public displays.

Dana's drunken dancing on the party yacht made me think of Angel's imagined dancing way back in season one. It did seem a little freaky that Tina was just sitting inside on her Throne watching Dana, who apparently couldn't see in through the windows.

Shane - again, get off the drugs. Maybe when you do Madonna's hair on Monday she'll turn you on to yoga and clean living, and maybe even some proper posture!!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:46 AM