Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The L Word - Looking Back 

Road trip and flashbacks - whee!

That was nice of Tina to invite Jenny along. I couldn't read Marina's reaction. Was she hoping to run into her at The Planet over the weekend? Is she concerned that Jenny's going for the full lesbian identity, and not just interested in her? Has Francesca left yet? What ever came of the wine dumping?

Mr. Piddles gets pills three times a day? Yikes! What's wrong with him? Or are they kitty multivitamins? I wonder if Kit knew what she was getting into when she agreed to cat-sit? I used to cat-sit for a neighbor when I was in high school. Whenever she was on vacation I had to go by twice a day to feed them, which included cutting up raw liver and kidney from the deli counter for them (ack!), mixing it with their canned food, and giving each of them several pills. But the neighbor was a little crazy. And she paid me well.

The Jenny-Dana silent interaction was fabulous when Alice's mom was telling her coming out story. I'm glad their not freaky about the abandoned sex efforts of last week.

I loved Alice's flashback. She was such a great angry, grunge-rocking, full of her own importance and lust-for-the-new-bass-player rockrgrl. If you're looking for a movie to rent, check out All Over Me, in which Leisha Hailey also rocks out.

I wasn't digging the look Bette was sporting during the flashback. The current look suits her better.

Of course Dana had an early teen coming out story. And of course Shane's occured in elementary school. But Dana and Shane seemed to be confusing their identities a bit in this episode, what with Dana going along with the gratuitous sex moment, and Shane turning down the opportunity for, well, whatever she wanted from pretty much any woman in that hotel, in order to call Cheri. And was she dancing around the idea of saying The L Word???? At least she had the courtesy to thank the woman who raved about how cute she was.

Apparently when Dana was picking up the casual sex tips from Shane, she wasn't paying attention to the "one night stand" portion of the lesson. Oof - that hospitality chick is really scary. Anyone who refers to you in the third person, by your full name, while having sex is someone to be avoided at all costs. Opportunistic, leechy, manipulative, controlling... What? No, I don't have any really painful personal experiences with people like that. What would make you think that? Let's hope that relationship ends quickly once hospitality chick figures out what a goofball Dana is. I don't think that's what she's hoping to glom herself onto. But we love Dana for it, so shoo, hospitality chick, shoo!

Bette, no! Don't do it! Okay, phew. I was grimacing painfully when they were clearly Tina's hands wrapping around Bette's waist but she clearly assumed they were Candace's. I'm glad she recovered gracefully. Tina doesn't need a big blow up right now. And at least Bette appeared to be horrified at her own behavior after The Kiss. And The Weakness In Me. Brilliant. I love that song. We used to play Joan Armatrading records (yes, vinyl) endlessly in college. The Girl and I saw her perform in Boston last year, and she still puts on an excellent show.

Who would have thought that little Jenny would be holding court at a Dinah Shore party? And then hooking up with a trapeze artist of all things? I'm now picturing Jenny on a trapeze - she is rather freakishly thin, and has been wearing circus-like outfits. I'm glad she didn't go through with the harsh telephone call to Marina, though. Hopefully that means she's realizing that she had some responsibility there, too. Or maybe she's just still being dismantled.

I'm still dismantled over the ending. So many emotions, so little time.

Next week: Tim's friends question his manhood, and Bette & Candace go to jail. I think there will be some trapeze activity in the studio, as well. Hence the questioning of manhood.

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