Tuesday, March 16, 2004

The L Word - Luck, Next Time 

What on earth possessed Jenny to accept a solo dinner invitation to Francesca and Marina's? That was just so clearly not ever going to go well.

I'm starting to feel a little sympathy for Marina. I get the impression that she and Francesca were once in the same place in their attitudes toward relationships and scheduled monogamy, but that they've been growing in different directions. From Francesca's attitude and her statement that "I like to find my home the way I left it," that she views Marina as a possession, a home accessory. Other people can play with it while she's away, but it darned well better be where and how she left it when she gets home. Marina seemed to be getting a little tired of the situation, like perhaps she's ready to have more continuity in her life.

I think it might be easier for Francesca to compartmentalize since she's the one always on the road. Marina is always in LA, in their house, so she has to frame her two lives in one setting. The people she shuts out when Francesca comes home are still there. Francesca's conquests are far, far away.

That being said, what was Marina thinking, having Jenny over for dinner with just her and Francesca? She had to know that Francesca was going to chew Jenny up and spit her out.

Look - Jenny carries a little toiletries basket, like she's in a dorm! I guess that answers the question about there being a bathroom in the studio. Nope.

Is Jenny really so unaware of her incredible shallowness? She comes directly from professing the depth of her emotion to Marina, then when given an opening she's all over Tim and tells him how much she loves him. The next morning she has the nerve to explain to Tim that it's definitely over between her and Marina since she was treated so badly the night before that she threw a bottle of wine at their house. That's right, Tim - just before she came home and USED YOU!!! And she seems shocked, SHOCKED, when Tim doesn't take kindly to this and dumps her again.

Thank you, Tim, for explaining to Jenny that she is being the exact shallow, manipulative and unfeeling person that she is complaining about Marina and Francesca being. You expressed the thoughts of the audience perfectly.

Helen Shaver makes for a really scary right wing adversary. "It's not personal." I don't know about Bette, but I would take rather personally being told that I'm going to burn in hell. But go Bette in driving the protesters off her front lawn. Now call the police and get it documented.

Mr. Piddles? I'm gay. Hah! I guess she has to start her coming out process somewhere.

How cute was Dana's expression when she realized she had just prank phone called her mom? I'm still holding out hope that she manages to get Lara back. "She's dealing with it through denial." Yes, because that's always a sign of progress.

Yes Alice, Lisa is a total dreary cliche ridden pain, but perhaps it would have been slightly more considerate to break up with him before marching over two tables and hitting on the new guy?

Why is it that Bette can never get to appointments with Tina on time because she's so very busy, but she still manages to take several hours out of her day to hang on the set of Slim Daddy's video? Good for Kit for finally standing up and saying this is me and I'm not changing to fit your image.

"I see." Shane certainly has the gift of understatement. I like her better with her glasses on.

Next week: Rosanna Arquette becomes a threatening, manipulative abuser of power. Helen Shaver continues being a threatening, manipulative abuser of religion. And she sinks to what has to be the lowest depth of opportunistic interpretation, by blaming Tina's miscarriage on their being a gay couple.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:26 AM