Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Marriage Ups and Downs 

Mayor Jason West of New Paltz, NY has been charged with 19 counts of solemnizing marriage for couples who did not possess marriage licenses. It is a misdemeanor charge which carries a maximum of 1 year imprisonment, but county officials state that jail time is not being considered.

Meanwhile here in Massachusetts, various town clerks are requesting guidance on the nitty-gritty of implementing the order to issue marriage licenses to gay couples as of May 17. Should the forms be changed from "bride and groom" to "partner and partner" or perhaps "spouse and spouse?" Are blood tests really still necessary (this apparently has been a question among town clerks for some time, according to the article)? Can Justices of the Peace refuse to perform ceremonies due to religious beliefs?

Gov. Schwarzenneger has backed away from his images of dead bodies in the streets, and has stated that should the California courts or voters declare gay marriage legal, he would be okay with that. Well thanks for your support, Arnold. Perhaps you could speak with John Kerry?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:20 PM