Friday, March 05, 2004

Melissa Etheridge - Lucky 

I'm loving this CD. I picked it up for our Valentine's Day weekend getaway, and have listened to it numerous times since then. Right now it's playing on my Nomad Jukebox, via the Creative Lab TravelSound speakers. Again, gadgets are good.


Lucky - The lyrics! "I saw you through my blind intoxication. My shock-induced, insane self-medication. You looked at me and smiled. Said get ready to get wild. Sugar, you just need a brief vacation." It's foot-tapping, head bobbing music.

This Moment - For some reason this song reminds me of being on a boat on the water. It's enveloping, soothing yet invigorating, hopeful. This one is also foot-tapping, head bobbing (more side to side), but my eyes close and my head falls back when I listen to it. "Tell the angels they'll just have to wait."

If you Want To - Jammin', driving, garage band rock. Excellent, slighty syncopated transitions. Plus she does that sucking air through her teeth thing. Very sexy. Makes me want to pick up my electric guitar again. I haven't touched it since the whole law school thing came up. I know The Girl would enjoy jamming again. She's a drummer.

Breathe - This is the radio play track, and the one that seems the most similar to her previous releases. Wrenching, "I've had my heart ripped out," type of lyrics. I like this one, but it just doesn't grab me like the rest. Maybe because it's gotten so much airplay, or maybe it's gotten so much airplay because it's a little smooth and glossy. Sort of designed for marketing and being the hook track.

Mercy - "It's been a while since I've been stylin' in just my jacket and my jeans." "I want to fall in you, crawl in you, surrender all in you now." "I am kneeling at the altar of the temple of your eyes." Mercy, mercy indeed. Oh my. The combination of her throwing-myself-into-this vocals overlayed on some steady, simple, repetitive background vocals creates quite an effect. I'll be in my bunk.

Secret Agent - Gutsy, in your face, double-entendre. "She'll make a grown man cry, she'll make a woman try, she'll make you want to believe, but she'll leave you high and dry." "All the boys want to know if she's got something to hide, all the girls believe she's working for the other side." The Girl and I saw Melissa at The Tweeter Center two summers ago, and it was a rocking concert all the way around, but this song brought the place down. The version on the CD ends with a short but awesome drum-guitar riff. Also, before that show started The Girl was quite excited to spot Tammy Lynn Michaels hanging out with friends about 6 feet away from us. She (The Girl) gets a little star struck. I thoughtfully positioned myself so that The Girl could pretend she was talking to me and not be so obviously staring.

Will You Still Love Me - "Now the show must go on, and on, and on. Will you still love me anyway? Will you still love me when you're victorious? Will you still want me when I've nothing to say? Will you still love me anyway?" Musings on life and love in the spotlight. The pace reminds me of "All The Way to Heaven."

Meet Me In The Dark - Don't confuse this one with "Meet Me In The Back." This one's a piano-vocals (a little bit of drums later on) kind of meditation on going it alone against the tide, and protecting the person who chooses to join you.

Tuesday Morning - I love the feel of this one. It pulls you forward, and into the story. Tuesday Morning is a tribute to Mark Bingham, one of the passengers on Flight 93 on 9/11/01. He was a PR CEO, avid rugby player, and very out and proud gay man. Listen to the song, visit the website, listen to the song again.

Giant - I first heard this one before last year's March Madness, when it was being used for the women's NCAA basketball championships. I thought it was the bomb!!! The Girl doesn't like this track so much, as it's a little too hard rocking for her, but I'm all over it. "You wanted to see us cry, you wanted to see us leave, you didn't count on the tide, you didn't count on the pride, you didn't count on me." You got that right. "And I am not alone, winds of change have blown, and the walls come tumblin' down." This should be the new Pride song and theme of the newly-invigorated gay rights movement that has been sweeping the land recently. The pounding drums, the guitar riffs. You don't just air guitar this one - you air-guitar complete with scrunched up guitar solo face.

Come On Out Tonight - This track starts off with some LP-sounding crackles and pops, and then the song itself starts poppin'. Fast-talking lyrics, words of encouragement, 60's guitar wah-wahs, rocking chorus, a little Moulin Rouge reminiscent bridge, then slam back to the fast talking. "Keep your head up, don't you sweat in the spotlight, you're coming out tonight." This song's going to generate some sweat on the dance floor. And probably off.

Kiss Me - Driving bass drum, slapping bass guitar, well-placed bends. "Pretend I'm someone that you don't know. I'll ask you if you'd like to dance; slip myself up close to your thighs. You can buy me a drink, we'll make everyone think that love is so damn perfect tonight." Then the guitars rip and she's calling, "Kiss me, kiss me, kiss everything away." Put this track on the stereo and ask your girl to dance. Just go with it.

When You Find The One - This one's got a familiar Melissa pace, drums, guitar, rhythm, etc. But the style still works after all this time. And I still can't help singing along, and agreeing with everything she's saying. "When you find the one, there's no questioning the silence. All is said and done when you find the one." Agreed. And when you find the one, you finally see how lucky lucky can be.

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