Friday, March 26, 2004

Scenes From the Statehouse 

This week's edition of Bay Windows has a guest opinion column by Victoria Steinberg, a current Boston College Law student (I took the LSAT there) and former legislative director for Massachusetts NOW. "An open letter to our legislators" takes us onto the scene at the statehouse on March 11,discusses how the various groups present that day highlight the three sides of the issue, and calls on legislators to reflect on how history will reflect on those who will once again have to choose a side next week as the Constitutional Convention resumes.

Also in this week's issue is an editorial from Bay Windows' editor in chief, Andrew Rapp. Titled "Maybe Romney supports same-sex marriage?" the column explores how it is impossible to claim a valid middle ground in this debate. Once you declare that same sex couples should have access to some benefits of civil marriage, it becomes difficult then to specify those benefits which should not be available, and why.

To illustrate, Rapp relates a series of interactions he had with Gov. Romney's press secretary, Shawn Feddeman. It's good reading.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:33 AM