Friday, March 05, 2004

Star Trek: Enterprise - Azati Prime 

This post brings you my stream of consciousness courtesy of my Palm - codename Watcher.

You know, I really like his short hair much better than the style of earlier seasons.

Is the shuttle bay the best place to learn to fly the Xindi shuttle? Isn't that like learning to drive in a large garage?

T'Pol: "Their flight path is somewhat erratic." Archer tips his head in order to follow their path without suffering nystagmus-induced dizziness.

Archer: "We can't risk it. Fire." Wow - he's gone from necessary threats of death to necessary torture to necessary killing. Is this a bit of compensation for last week's imprinting-related compassion?

Wouldn't the security patrol have kept an eye on the shuttle after ordering it to return to their command ship? Maybe they thought they were based underwater.

T'Pol: "I don't want you to die. It's not necessary." Aw. Sorry, it's too late for rational explanations. You're in luuurve. But I thought she luuuurved Trip. I guess when a Vulcan lets her emotions go, they run rampant.

The reptilian commander is wearing a slinky. Why didn't I notice this before?

Trip to Archer: "Why are you doing this?" Archer's thoughts: "Because of my massive martyr complex." I mean really. How many times now has he put himself online for the death missions? He seems to really enjoy his imprisonments and torture.

Hey - kiss Porthos! That's what dog owners do when they rub their ears and smush up their little faces like that. Just the rub and smush without the kiss on the top of the head is so incomplete...

Trip's look as T'Pol runs away to the ready room to pine. He's thinking, "I thought I was the only one she experiments with. Huh."

T'Pol looks as puzzled by the tears as I am.

T'Pol to Trip: "Get out." Ouch. Go T'Pol!

If the Xindi are in the future Federation, why isn't there a Xindi time traveller working that side of the equation?

Oh yay! Archer gets to add another torture session to his record!

Trip: "Are we supposed to just keep sending people in 'till there's no one left?" Thank you for expressing my thoughts exactly.

T'Pol: "That's hardly a viable option. We only have one more shuttlepod." Hah!

Uh-oh. Enterprise is getting shit-kicked. I feel a temporal reset coming on...

That's it? Not even any previews? GAH!!!!

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