Thursday, March 04, 2004

Trouble In Paradise 

So I get home from class last night around 11:00, and settle in to watch Angel. I get through the previouslies and they're moving on to the new. My, my, Illyria-Fred definitely works.

*BING* Do you want to delete this program? WHAT? It's like two minutes in!!! I say no, please don't delete, and flip over to the Now Playing screen. There it is, Angel, partial recording. Not wanting to think the worst, i.e. that The Girl stopped the recording for some reason I cannot possibly imagine, I turn off the tv and go to bed. I refrain from waking her up for interrogation.

This morning I'm talking to The Girl on the phone, and she excitedly tells me that she managed to tell Tivo to record Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital. Isn't that great? Apparently she was so determined to record something on her own that she didn't really pay attention to the warnings that popped up on the screen about cancelling the recording currently in progress. Sigh.

Oh well. I'm very proud of her for taking on the Tivo alone. I've told her all along that it's really easy. The Guyfriend gave me a re-enactment of the high points of Angel, so no harm, no foul.

Sounds like it was a great episode. I'm looking forward to seeing a new demon-out-of-water story. And mmm, Illyria...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:49 PM