Saturday, March 20, 2004

Tru Calling - Drop Dead Gorgeous 

"I just thought you should know - I'm going on a date tonight." Who the hell thinks it's really vital to let your ex of a few months (and with whom I'm convinced there was absolutely no sex) know that you have A Date, simply because you work in the same building and you don't want her to hear it from someone else? Maybe if it was with someone in the same office, or if it wasn't the first date but was becoming something serious, or they were going to be at the same social event and he didn't want her taken by surprise. But going all the way down to the morgue just to let Tru know that he was going on an awkward first date? Please.

I liked the opening being Tru confronted with a consequence of her calling. Unfortunately, I quickly grew to dislike Michelle, the reporter, and therefore had to find as many holes in her backstory as possible.

1) In all of Tru's backsteps, how many of her undead had to file a police report? And of those, how many knew her name?

2) The City seems like a pretty big place, with lots of crime. We're supposed to believe that she's been sifting through police reports just looking for any and all possible connecting lines, and she not only happened across those few occasions where the crime against the intended victim came close enough to occurring that the police were called and the intended victim praised Tru to high heaven for saving her life and the police dutifully noted it all down in the reports, but that there were also a large number of these unlikely reports lying around from when Tru's dead mom was running around backstepping over a decade earlier, and Michelle also picked those out of the massive numbers of police files she was digging through. Please.

3) If she's such a good investigative reporter that she found all those reports, couldn't she have come up with a more appropriate dead person for her to claim as family? And why on earth would she think it a plausible story that the Records office sent her over to speak to a flunky in the morgue about skirting the rules regarding official documents? I mean, she hadn't met Davis yet, so she wouldn't have known what a gullible moron he is.

4) Okay, that's enough holes regarding Michelle for now. Unfortunately, I'm sure she'll be back with more in ensuing episodes.

Where is Meredith? Is her car okay?

I had no idea that Alex was played by Clare Kramer. I didn't recognize her at all. I loved Clare as Glory. Glory is Ben. Ben is Glory. This show sucks. The Girl doesn't understand why I keep watching it. Now it's all clear. There's some sort of mystical veil up that prevents the audience from making the connection between the bad show and the bad taste in our mouths. The Show is Bad. Bad is The Show.

Yes, from the description of "kinda burned" around the eyes, Davis was able to figure out that death was induced by topical application of a particular type of pesticide. And what a lame-ass way to plan a murder. And what a lame-ass reason. And let's just say it - what a lame-ass beauty pageant that has the corporate sponsor and his wife as two judges and randomly selected man-on-the-street Harrison as the third, and they can just drop one judge in midstream. And just pop in a finalist at the last minute. This isn't Miss Congeniality and Tru doesn't have the weight of the FBI behind her. Although when the MC first cut across the camera during the opening, kvetching that he wasn't going to sing, I had to Tivo instant replay it because I thought it was William Shatner. How great would that have been? But this show's too bad even for a Shatner cameo. But I do see that he's on board for Miss Congeniality 2!

Did it really have to take Davis 10 minutes of airtime to spit out that Tru's dead mother was the person who saved him and many others, while doing that thing you do? We all figured it out months ago, and we all knew that's what he was going to say. And if this is why Davis "could accept so easily" the whole backstepping thing, why did he seem rather befuddled by it at first, and why is he so confused about how it's supposed to work? How did he get through med school? He's such a moron.

But I'm a bigger moron, because I keep watching this show. What a lame-ass. Please.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:32 AM