Friday, March 12, 2004


"We knew this was an uphill fight. We knew this was a long-shot strategy," Isaacson said. "There will be more votes to come in 2004. We cannot give up. We cannot let them discourage us. We can't let them make us feel defeated." - Arline Isaacson of the Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus.

"No sex is better than same sex." - Sign held by a child outside the state house.

"Got AIDS Yet?" - Sign held by protester Eric Camo

"Would I be standing here with a sign like this if I didn't love you?" - Pastor Leonard of Lawrence, referring to his sign which read, "Homosexuals are possessed by demons."

"For so long now, the folks we consider our opposition have been the professional anti-gays, the haters. They've focus-grouped and sanitized their rhetoric, of course. But they're still the "God didn't create Adam and Steve" people. The people who've skimmed Leviticus and found the one sentence, the one abomination, they'd like to enforce. The people who, let's face it, don't object to gay marriage -- they object to gay human beings. - Amy Hunt of the Mass. Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus.

"I hope that those who advocate for same-sex marriages will try to hear what we are saying about marriage, family, and the common good. They may not agree with what we are saying, but they should be reassured that the church wants all people to live in harmony and mutual respect and to have everyone's legitimate civil rights guaranteed." - Sean P. O'Malley, Roman Catholic archbishop of Boston.

"New Hampshire's Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson, who is openly gay, said it serves the common good also to support same-gender couples who wish to pledge fidelity, monogamy and lifelong commitment." - as reported by Anne Saunders, AP Writer.

"For no rational reason the marriage laws of the Commonwealth discriminate against a defined class; no amount of tinkering with the language will eradicate that stain. The bill would have the effect of maintaining and fostering a stigma of exclusion that the Constitution prohibits.” (pg 11) - from the SJC opinion regarding civil unions, as reported by GLAD.

" "If you vote for this, you're putting religious freedoms" in danger, deMacedo said. He said that a high court that voted 4-3 to create gay marriages would think nothing of forcing churches to perform gay civil unions." - State Rep. Vinny M. deMacedo of Plymouth.

"The court stated then, and we reaffirm, that the State may not interfere with these convictions or with the decision of any religion to refuse to perform religious marriages of same-sex couples.” (pg 10) - from the SJC opinion regarding civil unions, as reported by GLAD.

"It doesn't affect me personally so much, so I don't follow it so closely" - Darren Wilcox, a straight bartender from Jamaica Plain

"Everybody should have equal rights; everybody works," - Bob Sawtelle, 62, a straight carpenter from Dorchester.

"For many legislators, prejudice won out over equality," Arline Isaacson of MGLPC.

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