Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Biking and Donuts 

I've been helping set up a blog for The Guyfriend. As well as being a fellow geek, Buffy fan and rockin' bass player, he is also an altruist. Two summers ago he began taking part in fundraising via long-distance bike rides. The first year he did the Boston-Provincetown AIDS Ride, and last year he added in a couple of MS Rides. This year he has FIVE rides scheduled, all long-distance, some over multiple days. The season will culminate with a two day, 150-mile MS Ride in San Diego.

He'll be blogging about his training and event experiences, fundraising updates, and some low pressure direct fundraising (there may be an opportunity for purchasing cool custom logo goods). I'm sure there will also be some commentary on culture and current events, as well as geeky goodness.

He has yet write his first post (I've got a couple of introductory entries on the site), but I'm hoping he'll get going soon, as he's a witty and intelligent guy with an interesting take on the world. Check out the site, Punk Ass Biker (I'll leave it to him to post about the name) if you have a moment (which you must, since you're surfing the web at the moment), and if he hasn't posted yet leave an encouraging comment to get his Punk Ass in gear!

In related news, while searching out interesting links for him, I found a great post on No Signal, in which Trevor weaves a cautionary tale of bicycling, messenger bags and donut holes.

UPDATE: Punk Ass has now posted! Bravo!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:43 PM