Tuesday, April 13, 2004


The Boley Law Library of Lewis & Clark Law School have brought up an enthusiastic legal research and news blog, named BoleyBlogs! (title includes the exclamation point). Their tag line is, "Sharing the finest legal research links, news and hints since 2004." Some of the entries are specific to the Lewis & Clark community, such as posting of exams or the latest books on display, but many are general news and research info. Much of the general entries are culled from other sources (properly cited, of course), but there's something about the style they've chosen, and the particular news pieces they pass along that make this just a fun place to be.

Yesterday brought an entry that included this introduction:

"In honor of the Tuesday hearing in Washington, D.C. considering a rule allowing the citation of 'unpublished' federal court opinions, we present this BoleyBlogs! special report containing links to articles and primary sources.

Among the links provided are "Unpublished Opinions: Inedible Sausage or Crazy Uncle?" (originally from Tony Mauro, Legal Times) and "The Law that Dare Not Speak Its Name" (originally from Howard Bashman, The Legal Intelligencer). Further on are the perhaps more substantive but potentially more dry links to actual texts of proposed FRCP changes and information on how the rules are made and changed. But they get you hooked on the clever, snarky stuff and draw you into the learning. What's better than that?

By the way - this looks like a breathtakingly beautiful campus. Much more scenic than Stuart Street. And they have an evening division. But I love NESL, and Boston is much more convenient for me than Portland, OR. Plus we have Starbuck's and P.F. Chang's directly across the street!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:48 AM