Thursday, April 08, 2004

Gov. Romney Supports SJC Role 

Amy Hunt on her weblog shares with us a statement Gov. Romney made yesterday. He was discussing a recent 4-3 Massachusetts SJC decision:

"It's likely to be somewhat disruptive, but that's the nature of government. We have to live with the fact that the courts have to do what they feel is right and it's our job to implement the decisions."

Interesting. This particular case involved the unconstitutionality of a recent tax law change. Yet when it came to another recent 4-3 SJC decision involving the constitutionality of state law, he didn't feel this accepting of the court's role in determining such constitutionality. In fact, he stated last week that,

"It's up to me and my administration, as well as legislative leadership, to see if there are any other options to delay the implementation of the court's decision."

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:55 AM