Monday, April 12, 2004

The L Word - Limb from Limb 

Well, they managed to answer many of my questions, yet still leave me hanging on the edge and waiting for the next season to begin.

Thanks to some sisterly, eye-opening, denial-ending advice from Bette, Kit started to deal with the issue that is Ivan. I'm actually glad that Ivan wasn't immediately dissuaded, but is continuing with polite pursuit. But I really don't get the attraction of having someone order your meals for you, even if they do get it right. Maybe I would have had a last minute impulse to try something wild if given the chance to review the menu. I enjoyed the whole he-she exchange between Bette and Kit, and that Kit began to move away from "no, you're wrong," to "mind your own business, Little Sis."

Speaking of the business of Little Sis - oy, that was so disturbing. First I was yelling at the tv for Bette to stop right there and go home, then I was yelling at the tv for Bette and Candace to get a room instead of macking in the hotel hallway (then I remembered that they had already gotten a room, so clearly that bit of snark wasn't going to do any good), then I was feeling such sadness for and anger on behalf of Tina up to the CAC opening. As soon as Tina started walking around the exhibit on her own it was clear that the curtain was about to be pulled, but it was still devastating when she saw the soulful looks and lingering fingertips. But the confrontation at home was incredibly disturbing, especially when Bette ripped the dress. And was that biting? The Girl and I couldn't decide. Whatever it was, I was greatly relieved that Tina got the hell out of Dodge and over to Alice's sanctuary. How poignant was it that up until that point Bette and Tina had no other links in the chart?

All the musical selections in this episode were fabulous. I'm just saying.

Tonya must go. I clapped and cheered when Alice finally kissed Dana, and upped the enthusiasm when Dana responded in kind. It was perfect that Alice then left immediately. The very effective hit and run. Or as Oz would say, "The time-honored drive-by. You've gotta respect it." They're leaving it up in the air as to whether Alice is really in love with Dana or if she's just doing this to save her from a horribly mistaken marriage, but I'm going with the love camp. Alice is always the one watching out for Dana and offering herself up to the pearls and sweater country club set, plus she was totally checking Dana out after the makeover. I'd still prefer that Lara come back, but I'm happy with Alice. Heck, I'd even settle for a Jenny-Dana combo if it would get that Mr. Piddles murderer (she totally instigated that) out of the picture.

Tim's turning into a jerk again. His self-preservation defense of "At least I'm the only man," was so Chasing Amy. Gene is growing on me; I found the whole sex against the seal tank concept disturbing (but not as much as the Bette-Tina fight); I now believe I was completely in error in my early assessment of Marina (everyone - stay away from her); and I found Jenny's collection of dates into a group board game and chatfest oddly comforting. I like the chemistry and rapport they all seem to have with each other. No one's threatened or threatening, no one's lying or hiding anything - how often does that happen on a drama?

Shane - get far, far away from that entire family. You have skills - become a success on your own. Maybe you could rent a section of The Planet and wall it off for a mini-salon. The chicks would be lining up to have you style them, and it would help Marina and Kit with their joint venture. And please, don't wear your hair in a ponytail like that anymore. It definitely made you look more vulnerable, which was appropriate for that scene, but hopefully by next season you'll be recovered enough to look bold and confident once more.

Now - when is that DVD going on sale? I need to free up some space on my Tivo.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:51 PM