Sunday, April 11, 2004

The L Word - Locked Up 

Right is left, up is down, in is out (and out is in, as always). I haven't posted my comments on last week's episode until now because I was just so confused. But I wanted to get something up before tonight's season finale. So here goes.

Tonight's on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom... Manatees and other water mammals on tour in the Catskills... No wait - is this Showtime? Oh, there they are.

What is up with Kelly Lynch's hair? Yikes!!!

What is up with Kit and Ivan? Did she not realize that the person in charge of the entire drag king show, and who was the final performer, was in fact a drag king herself? Or did she expect her to show up in drag as Ivan? Is she attracted to her? Was she attracted to her as Ivan and is trying to justify a same sex attraction as being based on the masculine persona? Does she realize the attraction and is just going with it because hey, why not? Does Ivan realize that Kit has been straight up to this point? I mean, she does sing and run events at the women's bar. Are any of the other characters confused or at least intrigued?

We've heard Bette previously tell the protesters that they were on private property. How is it that they've now apparently acquired a permit to protest there? Can you get a permit to protest on and block entrance to private property? Maybe they could get a permit for the sidewalk, but they were clearly on the Art Center grounds. And why did the cop decide to arrest the artist who was just standing there, apparently on the grounds that the protester didn't like what she depicted in her video piece? What was the justification for deciding that Bette and Candace were high risk and therefore in need of a separate cell? High risk of getting freaky with a concrete wall, is all I could see.

Speaking of which - stop Bette, stop! Haven't you looked at Tina lately? I know, she's no longer available to do all your household chores like picking up your drycleaning, but isn't this more like the Tina you fell for back at that dinner party?

Tonya - get thee back to wherever slimy personal assistants such as yourself are created. You're manipulating and deceiving big-hearted but not cynical enough Dana, and you kicked Mr. Piddles off the bed! Lara - where are you?

I'm glad to see that Jenny has come to the conclusion that spontaneous kisses are probably a better option than spontaneous popping of of shirts. Leave the girl something to work towards, you know?

Tim - is that really a logical conclusion? That Jenny's apparent turn to women (I don't think he knows about the biologist yet) is due to his imagined state of being "not man enough?" If she left you because you weren't man enough, why would she turn to people who aren't man at all? Do your ego a favor: if you have to frame it in these terms, consider that perhaps you were too much of a man for her. You stud, you.

What is up with Marina? Just when she's winning me back, she starts having all sorts of weird behavior. First she's desperately pushing Kit to borrow money from Bette to invest in The Planet, when Kit clearly isn't comfortable with using her sister as a banker, then she's putting the moves into high gear on Robin just because Robin's dating Jenny. And all the wrong moves, too. Robin clearly isn't interested in the literary scene. Why force it on her? Is Marina trying to take Robin away from Jenny? Is she trying to get to Jenny through Robin? Is she trying to prove to Jenny that Robin isn't as worthy of Jenny's attentions as Marina is? Is she simply a controlling psychotic? I'm so confused.

Shane is going to sit at the police station all night on the off chance that Cheri is going to show up? Hello? What happened to the independent, go with the flow, no strings attached Shane we all love?

So tonight is it until the fall. I'm afraid that with this lead in episode, tonight they're going to throw everything totally up in the air for the summer, and we'll all be left confused and counting the days until the summer break is over. But I guess that's the whole idea.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:39 PM