Sunday, April 25, 2004

March for Women's Lives 2004 

Kudos and best wishes to all who are participating in today's March for Women's Lives in DC. I wish I could be there, but academic obligations keep me at home in Boston. I'm proud to say that while in college I took part in the first and much smaller March for Women's Lives back in 1986. I still have the t-shirt to prove it, although it's getting a little raggedy from nearly 20 years (yikes!) of wear.

These marches and demonstrations are so important, on both a large-scale and individual level. I also took part in the 1987, 1993 and 2000 GLBT Marches on Washington. The participants spend an entire day seeing that they are not alone in their commitment and beliefs, and those who couldn't or wouldn't go are inspired by those would could. The media coverage presents the issue to the world, and puts faces (hopefully incredibly large numbers of faces) on the issue.

So to everyone there, congratulations and my heartfelt thanks!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:04 AM