Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Palm Tips for Law Students (and Lawyers) 

I'm fast developing a profound love for BoleyBlogs! at Lewis & Clark. They've now posted an entry which points to JurisPDA@NYLS.edu. The folks behind JurisPDA@NYLS.edu have put together a site dedicated to helping law students and lawyers get the most out of their PDA.

I love my Tungsten C. I have DocumentsToGo, Adobe Reader, Avantgo, and the MBTA scheduler all loaded on it. I have a PDF version of the first three chapters of my contracts book (provided as a free sample online by the publisher) loaded, as well as all my classnotes, papers, relevant law review articles and cases, the FRCP, and the Goodridge case in its entirety. I use it to check my e-mail and surf the web from wireless access points (such as the entire NESL main building). I have read cases and articles, reviewed my class notes, and worked on papers while commuting with it. I have even posted to this blog with it. And now these kind and thoughtful people are providing me ways to get even more out of it. I love them.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:07 PM