Saturday, April 24, 2004

Pax RolandUS 

Ah, quiet...

I've mentioned before that The Girl is a drummer. With my being in law school and both of us working full time, this has led to problems. The drumming resounds throughout the house, so either she can practice or I can study, but these events cannot occur at the same time. Plus we live in a duplex, so there's a 6 pm curfew to appease the neighbors.

Until now.

This week we acquired a Roland electronic drum kit and set it up in the basement (which we totally cleaned out and Queer Eye'd into a warm and inviting practice studio last weekend). This thing is so cool. It's set up like an acoustic set, but with electronic trigger pads instead of drums and cymbals. She can feed the stereo into the sound module, and plug headphones into the sound module, then drum away all night long if she wants. All I can hear from the second floor is the tapping of the sticks against the rubber pads. But to her ears, she's rockin' out with Alanis or Melissa!

Better (and more harmonious) living through technology.

Now back to this paper on restitution...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:08 PM