Thursday, April 08, 2004

Requiem for a Wonderfall 

The show died before it's time! Tru Davies - get over to Niagara, stat! If your show could hang on and finally find its legs near the end of an entire season, surely this smart, quirky and insightful series deserved more than FOUR EPISODES! With three in the Friday night timeslot of death!

Too late. Fox has cancelled it, pulled the unaired episodes, removed the title from their list of shows, and redirected the official website link to the Fox home page. The Fox Ministry of Truth has corrected the historical records. It doesn't exist and it never did.

And yet, this deleted show has become part of me, and will live on in the reference phrases that geeks like me have made part of our lexicon.


-Your sister's not a cold-blooded killer. She was never a planner.

-It's a crack barrel!

-Get off your ass.

-I'm fate's bitch.

-An expectation-free zone.

-Don't parse the blurb.

-That sound you hear? That's stunned silence!

-He's her goth pimp!

And finally, something that the show needed more of: trappings of permanence. Fare thee well, Wonderfalls. We hardly knew ye.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:24 PM