Friday, April 09, 2004

Tru Calling - The Getaway & Two Pair 

In the interest of getting caught up, my reactions to the last two episodes will be combined here.

Reporter Michelle still bothers me. On the do-over day, after she's been hounding Tru for days (or perhaps weeks - the passage of time between episodes isn't always that clear), and Tru finally agrees to tell her everything that night, Michelle's response is a threatening, "This had better be good." What? You're looking for a news story, not an excuse for why her homework was turned in late. Perhaps you should be more interested in the truth. Ah, but Tru already established that you can't handle the truth.

I really like the way Eliza Dushku has been playing Tru for the last few episodes. She's more relaxed, more expressive, less like she has all the answers (recall the foam cone incident). She doesn't appear to be letting Davis draw her into his endlessly analytical fate restore/fate interrupt/Prime Directive confusion and tedium. Hey Davis? The whole point of the show is that Tru gets a chance to interfere and change things! So don't worry about whether she, you know, CHANGED THINGS!!!

Tru said to Davis something along the lines of, "No worries, D." She called him "D!" I got all giggly in my Faith nostalgia, and had to Tivo instant replay it a few times. Sigh. Good times.

During "The Getaway," I was really enjoying the new dimension Jason Priestley's character was bringing to the show. Jack is brooding, sarcastic, insightful, weathered, intelligent, and mysterious. It seemed that something was up with him, but it wasn't obvious what. Or was I reading too much into it? He seemed to know more than he should on the backstep days. On his first episode, his description of Tru's hidden side was a little too spot-on. Or is he just observant. But he knew about the name on the soda can. In The Getaway, he knew exactly where the diner was on the backstep day even though the first time he appeared not to. Yesterday at lunch The Guyfriend said he hoped Jack didn't turn out to be the anti-Tru (I prefer "Reverse Backstepper." It sounds more gymnastic and less anti-Eliza), as that would be too obvious. I agreed that I hoped that would not be the case. Didn't they go that route on Touched By an Angel?

Sadly, it appears this may be the case after all. I wish they could have dragged it out a while longer before showing that Jack is restoring to death those that Tru kept from dying before their time. But maybe Tru is the one screwing around with Fate. And Jack is a supernatural Cleaner! Or maybe Jack has a connection similar to Tru's, but is using his power to "stop the suffering" of the people he sees as having the opportunity to move on to "a better place." That would be in line with his description of his sister's death.

But the good thing about all this? I'm asking questions about the unfolding story, instead of wondering how stupid plot holes and convoluted storylines got on the air. I'm involved! I'm pondering! Tru Calling LIVES!

But she still needs to do something about bringing back Wonderfalls. It must have been Jack's doing.

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