Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Eulogy For an iPod 

Kevin over at The Sleepy Sage came to the sad realization today as he prepares for his upcoming 6 weeks study abroad in France. Facing a previously unrealized dearth of funds, he had to make some choices, and in order to ensure nutrition while in Europe, Kevin has decided he must return his recently acquired iPod Mini. I commented back that I would have committed to broth and baguettes for six weeks rather than giving it up, but that's just me. He then added this fitting farewell:

I've gathered up the receipt and all of the packaging for my beloved. All that's left is to wipe the tears from her brushed metal body and gingerly place her once more in the cardboard womb that birthed her. Farewell, my tiny azure goddess!

Sad times, these...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:01 PM