Friday, May 21, 2004

Golf v. Tennis 

Yesterday the Washington Post published an article about Rev. Lou Sheldon and his daughter, Andrea Lafferty, both of the Traditional Values Coalition and two of the most adamant and vocal opponents of gay rights of any form. The article at one point describes how the two differ only stylistically in their approach to the issues, with Sheldon tending more toward scripture, while:

Lafferty, trained in more anodyne Washington sound bites, searches for more digestible explanations for why gay marriage makes no sense. "Let's say we go and play tennis and you show up in your short little tennis skirt and your racket and I show up in my cleats. You'd say, 'We're supposed to be playing tennis, not golf!' " she says. "They can have any other arrangement, but marriage is between a man and a woman."

Oh, now I get it! It's tennis, not golf! Silly me! If only someone had taken this approach to explaining their position on the issues sooner, we could have avoided all this foolish debate.

I do have to wonder about Ms. Lafferty's focus on short skirts, though. In addition to her above description of "your short little tennis skirt," the article also includes her descriptions of growing up in Anaheim. "A bikini and short skirts were okay," she is quoted as saying. According to the article, "She kept a pink miniskirt pinned on her bedroom wall and told her mom it would be her wedding dress one day."

But back to their opinion on the state of their battle against gay marriage. They aren't dismayed by the waning support in Congress for the FMA or the relatively low numbers of people actively involved on their side of the issue. Sheldon figures that will change once people from other states come home with their Massachusetts marriage licenses.

"It's a sleeping giant out there," he says. "We're talking about tens of millions of people. And when they wake up I feel bad for the homosexuals."

Maybe if we all start wearing miniskirts, Ms. Lafferty won't notice us anymore. Or maybe she'll notice us even more, but won't mind us as much...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:11 AM