Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Men v. Boys 

A Boston.com article by Rick Klein, titled Groups hold out for public furor before acting, discusses the continued determination of some groups to reverse the Goodridge decision. Among those quoted is state Representative Emile J. Goguen, the sponsor of the bill of address seeking to remove the four SJC justices who comprised the majority in Goodridge. Despite the previous total lack of support for this bill and Article 8, the group pushing for it, Rep. Goguen is convinced that his bill will come to the floor for debate and a vote. He spoke volumes in this statement:

"When it comes to the floor, they'll vote for it," said Goguen, a Fitchburg Democrat. "I want a debate on it. I want to separate the men and the boys."

He wants to separate the men and the boys. Apparently he feels the best way to pass a bill based on homophobia and prejudice is to call into question the manhood of any legislator who does not vote for it. And to offend, ignore and isolate his colleagues who are women. Their votes count in the grand tally, but I guess he doesn't think he needs them. What's next? Stamp your foot and put a sign on the door to the state house: No girls or sissies allowed?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:40 AM